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Law firm Dahlgren & Partners is a specialist agency profiled in Pension & Insurance.

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We work exclusively within these areas and normally with a focus on occupational pensions.

Due to the collected skills, experience and achievements of the law firm we provide a highly qualified specialist service.

Our vision is to become the leading law firm in our niche. Our goal is always, with good understanding of the client needs, to find a proper legal settlement and appropriate solution in close cooperation with the client.


  • Pension LawPension law contains a number of legal areas, such as general contract law, tax law, corporate law and family law. It contains elements of labour law and collective bargaining issues. Dahlgren & Partners understands and masters all aspects of pension law.

    Pension can be public, private or promised and paid by the employer such as occupational pension and private pension. Dahlgren & Partners has knowledge and experience of all kinds of pensions, but we have our focus on occupational pensions.

  • InsuranceDahlgren & Partners assists insurance companies and insurance brokers in all matters relating to insurance law. We have acted as a corporate lawyer or company lawyer in the types of companies we today deliver our services to. Due to our experience from both internally and externally work from the companies we have a good understanding of the business and a good knowledge of the increasingly complex regulatory framework that covers the insurance business. We master all parts of the insurance law and are for that reason aware of which challenges the companies will have to face; with many changes on the way.
  • For Insurance CompaniesWith our long background in the life and person insurance industry, we have specialized knowledge of life and person insurance, although it does not prevent us from being able to contribute even in cases with non-life and person insurance. We have a very good understanding of the insurance business and can therefore contribute with the legal assistance you need.
  • For EmployersWe provide interpretation and analysis of all types of agreements that encompass pension; Employment contracts, collective agreements, pension commitments, insurance contracts etc. We help to establish the required documents in connection with the retirement or retirement of your pension commitments.
  • For Insurance Brokerage CompaniesDahlgren & Partners has expertise in managing both as the compliance function within the insurance brokerage companies, as well as leading and assisting the compliance function. We therefore have a very good understanding of the business and can provide all kinds of legal assistance.

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